Snowboarder Travis Rice basks in rugged beauty of Jackson Hole

Within the snowboarding world, Travis Rice is renowned as one of the greatest in history. Snowboarder magazine ranked him No. 13 in its list of the 20 most influential snowboarders of all time, and his groundbreaking 2011 movie “Art of Flight” still has audiences raving today.

"Travis Rice might not be the winningest snowboarder on the scene today, but he is currently our greatest champion,” said Snowboarder magazine’s Pat Bridges. “Travis has been able to bring exposure to a side of snowboarding that is raw and awe-inspiring and seemingly a completely different sport than the one familiar to X Games and Olympic viewers."

Indeed, Rice is known for big-mountain terrain—for pulling of insane tricks while he’s carving out gorgeous lines on treacherous descents.

As it turns out, Rice isn’t just a snowboarder, and he likes to partake in pretty much every outdoorsy activity you can imagine. When it’s not snow season, you can probably find him in his hometown of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he can river surf, fish, hike, mountain bike, and spend his days in one of the few places in America where man is still the minority.

“If I tried every day, from when the snow melted to when it fell again in the summer, to hike the trails, bike the trails, to fish the rivers, there’s not a chance you’d be able to do it all. But, you know, at least start chipping away at it,” he says in the video above.

He sounds like our kind of guy.

Click on the video to watch Rice playing in his hometown—if only to gaze at its spectacular beauty.