The $20,000 kickflip obsession

Some call it determination. Others might label it an obsession. Either way, Santa Cruz surfer/magician Zoltan Torkos is going for kickflip glory and he isn’t giving up.

Torkos first made a splash with his 2011 video submission to the $10,000 Volcom Kickflip-Off competition, sparking a raging online debate (“Did he pull it?”) and ultimately collecting $10,000 for his efforts.

Volcom immediately upped the ante, offering $20,000 to the first surfer who could complete an above-and-off-the-lip kickflip.

Two years and about 30 video submissions later, Torkos is still pursuing the trick with single-minded focus. Volcom has yet to award the $20,000 prize.

“I came from a magic family,” said Torkos, who is descended from a line of Hungarian magicians. “I think that’s what made me believe in the unbelievable and not give up.”

The following video is Torkos’ most recent attempt to successfully complete an above-and-off-the-lip kickflip on a surfboard.

Our only question is: What will Torkos do next?