Wavegarden set to unveil world’s longest artificial wave



After more than two years of silence, the Spanish team of surf-engineers known as Wavegarden has finally unveiled its latest installation: a full-scale version of its commercial surfing lagoon. This first-of-its-kind prototype is located on the same spot as its initial lagoon deep in the Basque country that debuted in 2011 and sent the surfing world into a frenzy of interest and wonder as we watched a mysteriously perfect knee-high left peeling down a lake surrounded by trees and farmland.

Since then, not a whole lot about the project has been leaked, other than that the team has been hard at work building a full-scale version that would provide shoulder-high waves. Well, the time is upon us and today we finally get a glimpse of the new wave. At the end of the below video is a single clip of surfers Gabriel Medina and Jadson Andre splitting the reverse-peak in the new Wavegarden. This new version creates two simultaneous waves while traveling the length of the canal-shaped lagoon in a point-break-like fashion, and as you’re about to see, the wave is much bigger and better than the previous iteration. To date, no one has ever been able to recreate a pointbreak outside of nature, let alone a double-pointbreak, as Wavegarden now has, making this installation the world’s longest artificial wave.

It seems that several of the world’s elite pro surfers, including Taj Burrow, Dane Reynolds, Jeremy Flores, Pauline Ado, Aritz Aranbaru, Gabe Medina, Jadson Andre, and Craig Anderson have already tested the wave, and reviews are highly positive. The Wavegarden team promises more information and a full length video June 10.

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