Why Canada may be the next Indonesia

The Vancouver Island area of Canada has been compared to a cold water version of Indonesia’s Mentawai Islands, arguably the most coveted surf locale on the planet. Sitting just above the Puget Sound and the U.S.-Canada border lies a maze of inlets, islands, river mouths, and one hell of a swell window if you can dodge the intense weather patterns that tear the place apart during the winter months.

The Bruhwiler brothers, Raph and Sepp, are the most notable surfers to come out of this incredible place where being a surfer requires a good boat and some thick skin. Raph recently joined visiting surfer Dane Anderson on a journey to a remote slab where the only locals are bald eagles and a couple grizzly bears. The boys camped out and scored some round tubes, which are documented below by the talented Mike Cochran.

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