#Defining Mick Fanning

Defining Mick Fanning

#Defining Mick Fanning portrays Australia’s multiple surfing world champion, Mick Fanning, in a light never before seen. This isn’t a story about surfing. It’s a story about life, and how persistence can overcome all sorts of pain. Mick, his mother Liz, friend and fellow world champion Joel Parkinson, and others close to Fanning, tell the story of a young man devastated by the loss of his brother Sean in a tragic accident. With tears flowing, Mick confronts the tragedy in an open and honest manner, telling of a time when he thought he would never surf again. Exclusive footage goes on to show a frightening injury that Mick was told could prevent him from ever running again, let alone surfing. #Defining Mick Fanning goes behind the scenes to show how the young Aussie fought on, to eventually be crowned World Surfing Champion.

Studio: Got Next Productions