Here are 3 SUP yoga moves everybody should try

SUP yoga enthusiast extraordinaire Emma Rossoff was one of the first yogis to take her sport to the water.

Here, she shows us three easy ways to find Zen above the water.

Pose: Warrior One

SUP yoga

Warrior One is a pose many yogis like to include in their SUP yoga routines. Photo: Courtesy of Jock Bradley

Difficulty: Intermediate

What it does: Tones the legs, core and arms while stretching the hips, groin and oblique muscles. It also increases balance and stability.

How to do it: From the downward-facing dog position, step your left foot forward, resting it on the centerline of the board, and sink into a lunge position.

With your right heel down, open your hips and evenly distribute pressure through both feet, bringing your left thigh parallel to the board. If you feel balanced, raise your arms into a variation like the one pictured above.

Pose: Navasana Variation

SUP yoga

Add Navasana variation to your SUP yoga routine. Photo: Courtesy of Jock Bradley

Difficulty: Beginner to intermediate

What it does: Strengthens the core muscles; tones the legs, arms and back.

How to do it: Sit facing the front of the board with outstretched legs. With the paddle in your hand, bend your knees and lift them as you lower your upper body slightly back.

When you feel your core engage, you are there.

Variations include holding this position, bringing opposite elbow toward opposite knee, and alternating or performing a sit-up.

Pose: Cobra Transition with Leg Lift

SUP yoga

Consider adding the Cobra Transition with Leg Lift to your SUP yoga routine. Photo: Courtesy of Jock Bradley

Difficulty: Beginner

What it does: Stretches your entire front torso while strengthening your back and legs.

How to do it: Lie on your belly with legs together and arms at your sides. Slowly begin to lift up your torso toward the sky, lifting from the belly first, then the chest, spreading open the neck and finally lifting the chin.

Engage your legs as you press into your hands gently, fully coming into the pose.

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