Alana Blanchard’s training day run-in with Kelly Slater

Alana Blanchard has been pro surfing’s reigning beauty queen for a couple years now. The blonde bombshell from Kauai is the preeminent sexy surfer girl. Yet the pool of pretty women on tour is deep these days, and the list of ladies turning heads for both beauty and surfing brawn is getting longer every day. Translation: Blanchard’s spot has to be backed up with some substance. And in the latest episode of her “Surfer Girl” series, we get a look at how seriously she trains.

Blanchard is hardly alone. According to pro surfer Kahea Hart, Blanchard’s trainer, every team house on the North Shore of Oahu has converted their garage into a gym. And slowly but surely, the jockification side of the whole surfing thing (once considered taboo) is starting to take center stage.

Of course, Kelly Slater may be partly to blame for all this. Our ageless bald hero is a physical enigma. Yet, what’s remarkably odd is we never get to see him working out. (Have you ever seen a photo of him in a gym?) It doesn’t seem fair that he’s as ripped as ever, and nimble too. What’s amusing, though, is we’re supposed to believe he just shows up and does his thing relying only on pure talent, and just forget that he hasn’t eaten a bag of chips since 2006.

Indeed, Slater can probably teach as much about health and fitness these days as true surfing beauty. And that’s something Alana and her friend Leila Hurst realize when they run into the champ during a post-workout surf session. At 41, King Kelly is handsome and powerful. Not to sound cruel, but how many squats will Blanchard have to do to still be queen when she’s his age? I’m sure her workout videos will be hits, though.