Kelly Slater teams up with the Chia Co. to advocate healthy eating

CEO of Chia Co John Foss and Kelly Slater; photo courtesy of Chia Co

The Chia Co. Chief Executive John Foss shows surfer Kelly Slater around the farm; photo courtesy of the Chia Co.

Like most people, 11-time surfing world champ Kelly Slater never thought too much about eating healthy while he grew up. These days, however, Slater, 41, is a big advocate of eating well. Along this vein, he recently teamed up the Chia Co., which makes the Chia Pod snack out of chia seeds, a super food that has been getting a lot of attention over the last year or so, to release the following video.

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“As I got older and started traveling around the world and competing more as a professional, I got really on top of my eating, and reading about diet and foods, and the effects of that,” said Slater in the video.

He must be doing something right, as there are few athletes who have dominated their sport for as long—and as convincingly—as Slater has.