Making the case for having a workout buddy

There’s nothing like the feeling of lacing up your running shoes, leaving your phone at home, and heading out for a run. The steady, rhythmic sound of your feet pounding pavement is one that is hard to beat.

Staying fit just got more fun. Photo: David Marcu/Unsplash

With the advent of smartphones that track our every step, apps that manage our fitness, and the explosion of workout groups across the nation, one might feel that these days, the most rewarding workout is one where you finally gain some solitude.

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While it might seem like getting fit solo is the way to go, we’re here to make the case for having a workout buddy: one person that is your designated fitness friend.

Choosing the right person to be your go-to workout partner can be tough, however. They need to be someone you really click with, someone as dedicated to physical fitness as you are, and logistically speaking, someone with a similar schedule.

If you’re lucky enough to have found that special someone, here are a few benefits that come from having this workout buddy in your life:

They help keep stoke levels high

Working out with a friend keeps you extra motivated. Photo: Atlas Green/Unsplash

Have you ever been on a solo mission and landed that incredible trick, beaten that personal record, or just have done something totally crazy, only to realize there isn’t another soul to share the stoke with you?

Having a designated workout buddy means you’ll have someone to share the small (and large) victories with, and someone to help you get over unexpected hurdles — sometimes literally.

They’ll give you positive feedback

You may not have done your best today, but with a friend to support you, anything is possible tomorrow. Photo: Arnaud Mesureur/Unsplash

Ever feel like your workout session just wasn’t up to par? Even if it’s just in your head, it’s helpful to have someone around that can give you some perspective.

Maybe you didn’t crush your goal today, but with a few encouraging words, you may hit it tomorrow.

They help you progress

Work out with someone out of your league – you’ll be surprised at the results. Photo: Sam X/Unsplash

Picking a workout buddy that’s better at you than your chosen sport may seem counter-intuitive, but hear us out: If you’re constantly around someone that’s slightly better at you, it’s constant motivation to progress.

If you don’t take their talent in a negative way, you can really learn a lot from someone with a more advanced skill set.

They’ll take a rest day with you

Sometimes taking the day off is the best reward you can give yourself. Photo: Wil Stewart/Unsplash

Maybe you both had a long work week, a stressful day, or went way too hard yesterday.

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Whatever the reason, your workout buddy can/should also be the person you call for a beer when you take a day off; not only is it a way to bond outside of your shared love of keeping fit, it’s just fun … Can’t beat that.