Chia Pod provides tasty, nutritious snack for us health-food foodies

Fast and easy are two words not generally associated with healthy eating. For many of us, weekly treks to the farmers’ market, co-ops, and out-of-our-zip-code health food stores are beginning to become a drain. Pair that with all of the label reading and prep work necessary to eat “clean,” and you’ve got the recipe for a worn-out health foodie. So imagine my surprise when one of my favorite power foods showed up in a pre-made snack pack, with only three ingredients to boot! Friends, I’m here to save you from the prep work of at least one nutritionally packed mini meal: chia pudding.

Image courtesy of the Chia Co.

Image courtesy of the Chia Co

For those not already intimate with the chia seed, read my earlier post on the subject here. For everyone else, here’s the 411 on this food revelation. World, meet the Chia Pod—a tasty, packable, dairy-free, and vegan time-saver. Available in four flavors—banana, mango, blueberry, and vanilla bean cinnamon—each 6-ounce Chia Pod provides 100 percent of our recommended daily intake of omega-3s, 25 percent of our fiber, and no added sugar. "We worked to create a product that fits with people's fast and busy lifestyles," said John Foss, founder and chief executive of The Chia Co. in a company release.

For those of us who are making the most of our work week by way of sticking to our eating regimen (and postponing the pastries we crave for the weekend), this innovative pod will serve up both convenience and nutrition. To recap: the only effort required is to pull off the 30-percent-recycled cover (the spoon is inside lid). Sold! Found at Whole Foods everywhere.