Actor Rob Lowe paddleboards with great white sharks in California; video

Rob Lowe is no stranger to the ocean. Lowe went to Santa Monica High School and has always been a fan of the water and also of sharks. Back in 2014 he hilariously starred in a commercial for Shark Week and even saved a shark once.

This past weekend in Santa Barbara, two juvenile great white sharks were spotted. Lowe was on the beach and did what any normal person does: he grabbed his standup paddleboard and paddled out to hang out with the sharks. And it was all captured on camera.

Lowe definitely enjoyed the once-in-a-lifetime experience and recognized that this sort of thing doesn’t happen everyday. As he tells the camera, “I’m in the water all the time, fishing, surfing. You hear about them, but I’ve never seen one. And certainly never been right on top of them.”

2017 continues to be the year of the shark in Southern California. And when celebrities like Rob Lowe are even getting in on the act, well you know it’s reached the masses.

Lowe recognizes that one should be aware in the water, and tells how he wasn’t too scared getting into the ocean with them:

“They’re not big enough to eat seals, we’re probably not on the menu for them. They’re tiny little guys, as far as great whites go. But I wouldn’t be out here if the mom was here.”

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