Alligator found in dining room of Texas home affected by hurricane; video

Brian Foster brought in a cleanup crew to assess the damage to his house near Lake Houston after the flooding from Hurricane Harvey and discovered an intruder lying in the dining room.

The unwanted guest was a 9-foot alligator that had made its way into the home in Humble to find shelter, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Foster contacted the authorities and Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman's deputies responded. They were joined by Jarred Pollard of Wildnernex Wildlife Control and Texas game wardens, all helping to remove the alligator:

The alligator's mouth was taped shut and then carried out of the house and placed in the back of a truck for transport back to its natural habitat.

Wildlife experts had warned that animals, especially alligators, would be displaced by the flooding from the hurricane, but nobody talked about them breaking into houses.

"If you encounter a gator in the water, leave it alone," KTRK reported. "Under normal circumstances, it should find its way home as water recedes. If you think the alligator poses a threat to your safety, contact authorities for further assistance."

Especially if the alligator is in your home.

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