Amazing wildlife video shows crocodile taking down a warthog


Arrow shows crocodile’s position next to warthog as a pack of wild dogs looks on; photo is a screen grab from the video

A warthog drinking from a watering hole on the African savanna found itself in a stare down with a pack of hungry wild dogs standing on the bank. Positioned just inside the water, the warthog apparently believes it is safe. But unbeknownst to the warthog, a hungry crocodile slowly eases up beside it.

The wild dogs watch in anticipation, as if knowing the crocodile is there and thinking, or hoping, that the warthog will panic and jump onto land where he'd be an easy meal.

As the U.K. Daily Mail said in its aptly written headline, the warthog was "Caught between a croc and a hard place." The crocodile, once in position, waited 1 1/2 minutes before the right moment to pounce. Watch the final, tense moments unfold in this amazing wildlife video that just hit the news cycle in the past day or so (the full version is below):

The full-length video shows the crocodile slowly emerge behind and then beside the warthog and just below the surface of the water. The crocodile waits for just the right moment.

The drama unfolds in front of a group of tourists who watch in anticipation. When the crocodile finally does take the warthog down, the tourists let out a roar, and all the wild dogs can do is watch:

Wild dogs hunt as a pack, which can easily take down a warthog. And, of course, a lone crocodile, with its stealthy approach and powerful jaws, can easily handle a warthog, as you can see in the video.

In the animal kingdom, predation is a fact of life. You just don't often get to see the showdowns, such as this one.

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