Angler stricken with terror while reeling in her first salmon

Mary catching her first salmon

Mary catching her first salmon

If people were hiking recently around British Columbia’s Squamish River and wondered what all the weird screaming was about, it was only Mary catching her first salmon.

The accompanying footage shows Mary expressing a mixture of excitement and fear in an unearthly manner that undoubtedly frightened all remaining fish in the river, and sent bears and other wildlife scurrying deep into the forest (she reaches her highest pitch at about the 45-second mark, when the salmon is reeled to her feet).

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“It’s only a fish,” Mary’s companion says while trying to calm her nerves, as she leans back and reels slowly while issuing the type of sounds not generally associated with angling in such a pristine setting.

But you have to hand it to Mary. Her style needs work, and her enthusiasm definitely needs to be curbed for the sake of others. But she landed the salmon.

Now let’s hope that the woman never tries shark fishing, because that could be too much for her heart to handle.

Mary catching her first salmon

Mary catching her first salmon

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