Another big surprise in ‘Shark Week’ promo

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Fans of "Shark Week" might recall the shocking but clever promo for the popular Discovery Channel series last June, when Snuffy the rehabilitated harbor seal was devoured by a leaping great white shark just before its much-hyped release back into the ocean.

Well, it turns out that Snuffy the Seal, thanks to the marvels of fiction, has survived the ordeal on Sunrise Pier.

Snuffy2.jpegThe 2014 promo was released this week, and while it's not nearly as clever as last year's promo, it does feature a much happier surprise ending.

(The same can’t be said of the shark, which, according to the fictitious newscaster, “had been terrorizing the coastline.”)

We won't spoil the surprise, but will ask viewers if the "Shark Week" promotion experts, based on the wow factor of last year’s clip, can do better?

“Shark Week” begins August 10.

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