Antelope escapes leopard attack in Botswana

Antelope escapes leopard

A fighting antelope is suddenly attacked by a leopard but manages to escape. Photo is a screen grab from the video

Two male antelopes--also called red lechwes, which are found in Botswana--were fighting for supremacy and putting on quite a show for some safari tourists when another animal happened onto the scene. Then the show got even better.

A young leopard had also been watching the battle and was thinking about dinner. Watch what happens as the encounter unfolds in front of a safari at the Kwara Concession in the Okavango Delta of Botswana, brought to you by Barcroft TV:

The leopard pounced on one antelope, which immediately pulled away from the battle to concentrate on the more pressing concern. The other antelope probably thought it was getting the upper hand until finally realizing a leopard had joined the mix. It immediately fled the scene.

Eventually, the antelope escaped the grasp of the leopard and went away with a few scratches while the leopard was seen limping away.

Thomas Nkwazi described it as the best sighting he's made in 10 years as a safari guide. One wonders if the safari tourists know how lucky they were to witness such an encounter.

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