Baby deer trapped in mud get huge lift from excavator operator

Excavator operator rescued two baby deer that were trapped in the mud.

Excavator operator rescued two baby deer that were trapped in the mud.

Bill Davis of Tacoma, Washington, was checking on some property for a company he works for when he noticed some movement in the mud.

“I wouldn’t have seen them if they hadn’t moved and caught my eye!” Davis wrote on Facebook. “I’m an avid deer hunter and it broke my heart to see this!”

What he saw were two yearling black tail deer helplessly struggling to escape the strong grasp of sticky mud.

Davis “couldn’t watch them struggle,” so, according to his son-in-law, Aaron Garney, he “orchestrated a rescue operation with his cell phone” and “a skilled excavator operator” saved the day by carefully plucking the two young deer from the deep, nasty mud.

Garney posted the heroic moment captured by Davis on YouTube:

Davis shot video of the other rescue, too, and shared it on Facebook, though it was less dramatic. But in both cases, the baby deer got up and ran off and found their mother, or so Davis hoped.

“Didn’t sleep much last night, all I could think about was those little guys getting stuck again, and not finding mama!” Davis wrote on Facebook. “I’m out there looking to make sure the babies didn’t come back to the mud! No sign of them.”

Hopefully they learned their lesson, and hopefully they reunited with their mother.

h/t OutdoorHub

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