Baby Franciscana dolphin dies in hands of reckless, ignorant beachgoers

Beachgoers pass around a baby Franciscan dolphin at Santa Teresita beach resort in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Beachgoers pass around a baby Franciscan dolphin at Santa Teresita beach resort in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo: Courtesy of Hernan Coria

Disturbing photos and videos have surfaced from Argentina showing a mob of beachgoers recklessly passing around a baby Franciscan dolphin so they could pose for photos with the threatened species, sparking outrage on social media and an admonition from the country's arm of the World Wildlife Federation.

Two Franciscan dolphins were plucked from the waters by careless beachgoers at the resort of Santa Teresita in Buenos Aires and were used for taking selfies, ITV News, CBS News and Sky News reported.

At least one of the two Franciscan dolphins died.

Hernan Coria posted 10 photos of the disgraceful conduct on Facebook, where the outrage is evident.

The World Wildlife Federation in Argentina revealed that the Franciscan dolphin — one of the smallest dolphins in the world, growing up to 5 1/2 feet long — is only found in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, and there are less than 30,000 remaining.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists the Franciscan dolphin as vulnerable.

Like other dolphins, they cannot remain out of water for long or they become dehydrated and die, which is what happened to at least one of these dolphins.

“The occasion serves to inform the public about the urgent need to return these dolphins to the sea when they encounter one on shore,” the World Wildlife Federation of Argentina wrote, according to Google Translate. “It is vital that people help rescue these animals because every Franciscan dolphin counts.”

One particular tweet pretty much summed up the sentiments of those seeing the photos by Coria and the video below. Dany Morris wrote, “Why would it ever be acceptable to pluck a baby dolphin from the water to be passed around for selfies?!? Disgusting.”

The Independent posted video of the disgusting behavior:

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