Baby raccoon trapped on fourth-floor window ledge for days finally rescued; video

A baby raccoon, seen climbing the side of the Toronto Star building on Oct. 3, was subsequently spotted on a window ledge of the fourth floor where it remained trapped for at least a couple of days.

The property manager became aware of the animal's predicament on Tuesday and contacted the Toronto Wildlife Centre, which was hesitant to attempt a rescue right away. Wildlife officials were hoping the animal could make its way down on its down and said it would try a rescue on Saturday if it didn’t.

"They can climb up brick walls," Toronto Wildlife Centre spokesperson Vanessa Van Rhijn told the Star. "They're natural-born climbers.

"It can be more dangerous for a rescue crew to try and save it as it may startle the animal."

But after the baby raccoon made several attempts to climb down, slipping and nearly falling several times, the decision was made to attempt a rescue Thursday.

With dozens of passersby on the street and workers in the building watching, the fire department backed a ladder truck onto the sidewalk and extended the basket to the fourth floor with two firefighters and a TWC staff member.

A support crew held safety nets below in case the baby raccoon got spooked and fell from the ledge.

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The baby raccoon, nicknamed Scoop by the newspaper staff, resisted the help, but the rescuer managed to scoop Scoop up into a net, prompting cheers from the building's stairwell and sidewalk.

The baby raccoon was then brought down to safety.

"He's pretty stressed out," one unidentified worker told the Star.

The Toronto Wildlife Centre reported that the rattled Scoop is now in its care.

"Here's hoping for a short and uneventful rehab period before release to a less urban address," one commenter wrote on the TWC Facebook page.

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