Bear casually opens door to van and climbs in, prompting hysterical reaction; video

Matt Patterson is used to seeing bears in Whistler, British Columbia, but he's never seen what unfolded close by as he and a friend ate lunch in a van, which was parked in front of the friend's van.

A bear sauntered up to the friend's van, stood up on its hind legs and casually opened the driver's side door and climbed in.

"Mate, he's opening the door to your van," Patterson is heard saying in the video. "I swear to God. He's in your [expletive] van!"

Patterson's reaction is priceless. He shared his story and video with Global News:

The bear climbed into the van no doubt looking for food. It also honked the horn. Patterson couldn't believe it.

"He just walks up to the van and stands up and opens the door and I was just like...I still don't believe it now," Patterson told Global News. "He just made it look so easy you know? 'Oh! It's been plenty of times.’

"The bear all together was in the van for a good 12 minutes. He's just sitting there in the driver's seat. It was just surreal."

And comical, at least to Patterson.

The bear went in and out of the van a few times, once emerging with a bottle of water in its mouth.

According to CTV, the bear didn't do any damage to the van. But Patterson clearly split a gut.