Bear earns ‘Mother of the Year’ award at Brooks Falls; video

One of the more well-known locales to view brown bears is Brooks Falls in Alaska's Katmai National Park where bears congregate en masse to feed on salmon migrating up river.

Bears will typically stand atop Brooks Falls looking downriver and adroitly use their teeth to catch salmon as they leap in an effort to clear the falls.

On the day this video was taken, a bear known as Grazer was standing atop the falls waiting for a jumping salmon when something to the left caught her eye. One of her cubs was about to go over the falls and when it did, Grazer kept her eye on it until it cleared the whitewater.

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The Washington Post wrote that it appeared that Grazer scolded the cubs, and it did seem that way. Then the second cub went over the falls, prompting her mothering instincts to kick in.

"And the Mother of the Year award goes to … Grazer!!!" wrote, which operates a bear cam in association with the national park and posted the above video on Facebook.

Soon, the third cub went over the falls and Grazer, who had abandoned her prime spot on the falls, was there to round up her cubs and make sure they were safe.

"Thankfully they are all OK!" wrote.

A viewing platform allows visitors to Brooks Falls a safe place from which to watch the feeding bears

A viewing platform allows visitors to Brooks Falls a safe place from which to watch the feeding bears. Photo: Courtesy of Katmai National Park

Fans of the bear cam were quick to add their own commentary about what the momma bear was saying:

"I told you not to go over the falls—now look what you’ve gotten yourself into! You three are making me old!"

Or maybe she said this:

"What the heck? There goes Billy! Holy crap, Tommy just went over, too. Gotta get those boys. Yep here comes Peggy Sue, you three are going to make me pull my fur out!"

Or maybe this is how it went down:

"Mommy look at me!" "What the heck are you doing?" "Weeee!" "Not you too?! That does it! You’re all grounded!" "Mommy wait for me!!!" "No, no, you stay up ther—dammit."


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