Bear encircled by salmon finally succeeds with new fishing method; video

A run of pink salmon in a British Columbia river was so thick a young grizzly bear had a difficult and frustrating time trying to catch one as hundreds of fish surrounded it.

How it finally succeeded is a sight that is fairly new to the folks of Knight Inlet Lodge.

Knight Inlet Lodge, the first grizzly bear viewing lodge on the coast of B.C., is a floating lodge in the wilderness of Glendale Cove in Knight Inlet, home to one of the largest concentrations of grizzly bears in the province.

During the peak fall season it is not uncommon for up to 40 bears to be within a few miles of the lodge with salmon running up the Glendale River being the allure.

Bears can enjoy an all-you-can-eat salmon feast, assuming they can catch them.

Lodge manager Brian Collen captured unique video of a young bear using a fishing technique it apparently learned from a bear the year before: swimming and diving underwater for salmon.

A lodge spokesman told Global News that they've never seen any bears diving for fish until seeing one try it in 2015. This year, the lodge staff has seen four or five young grizzly bears utilize the same method.

In this particular video, the bear became frustrated until it finally sat still and waited for the salmon to come close before diving and chomping down on a salmon.

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"This is some of the best video we've seen of our diving bears at work," Knight Inlet Lodge wrote on Facebook.

Wrote one commenter, "This is so incredible. I could watch this beautiful bear fish and dive all day long."

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