Bear in fishpond surprises homeowner by what it doesn’t do; video

When a black bear wandered into her backyard, Cynthia St. Charles figured it would just take a drink out of the koi fishpond. Instead, it climbed in.

"I was just stunned," St. Charles, who lives in Lockwood near Billings, Montana, told KBZK. "I thought it would drink out of the pond. I never dreamed it would enter the pond and splash around and have such a good time.

"I thought it would eat my fish, but it didn't bother my fish, they're all there."

Perhaps the bear wasn't hungry for fish since it had already climbed her apple tree and ate the fruit for about 20 minutes — luckily for the fish. It did munch on some green plants, however.

Before its frolic in the fishpond, the bear also came face to face with St. Charles’ dog in the garage.

“I heard the dog barking and it was a really sharp, scared bark," St. Charles told KBZK. "I could tell she was in the garage and I went down, the garage door was open, and I was very surprised to see the dog and the bear having a standoff right in my garage. I was just shocked to see the bear in the garage. But when the bear saw me it did move on out.”

St. Charles reported the bear encounter to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks but was told it was only the second time it had received a report about this bear, so action will be taken only if it becomes a problem.

It was only the third bear encounter St. Charles has had in 15 years at her home.

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