Big, bad wolf no match for three white sheep

A big, bad wolf emerges on a forest hillside and spies a momma sheep and her two offspring, standing timidly opposite a nearby trail. Easy pickings, it would seem. So the wolf charges … but the sheep hold their ground. The wolf doesn’t anticipate this, so it turns tail and runs, with the sheep giving chase. This unlikely and highly peculiar scene is making the rounds this week on the Internet (see clip posted below).

The footage was captured in Norway and the wolf makes a few other faint-hearted charges, which end in similar fashion.

But the video uploader provided no details.

It’s not clear, for example, why an attacking wolf would turn cowardly in the face of farm animals that commonly fall prey to predators such as wolves.

Nor is it clear whether the presence of a videographer was a factor, or whether wolves are used to hunting in packs and this one simply turned timid in the face of adversity … or whether the wolf was mostly just being playful.

Regardless, it’s an amusing scene and further evidence that animals are unpredictable, and sometimes very entertaining.