Black bear checks out a Tennessee hotel; video report

If it is true that folks "come to Tennessee with the hopes of seeing a black bear," as a wildlife specialist said, then people at the Parkview Inn Hotel in Gatlinburg didn't have to go far to see one.

A hungry black bear was spotted walking outside the hotel looking into the windows, and it even went into a room.

Gregg Rothburg was working on a project when he was alerted to the black bear and captured images of it.

"I told people to stay in their car, she was grabbing garbage and dragging it into the corner room and eating it," Rothburg told WVLT. "She looked very hungry."

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency told WVLT that bears are emerging from hibernation and are looking for food sources.

"A good bear food won't come in until the summer," Matthew Cameron, a wildlife specialist, told WVLT. "When the berries begin to ripen the bears will have a lot of natural available food then. Up until then, though, they're just out trying to find whatever they can to survive on."

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Rothburg warned against feeding black bears because they become dependent upon people and become a danger.

What did Rothburg do to shoo away the black bear?

"They actually don't like people and are scared," he wrote on Facebook. "All it takes is loud noises, so I choose yelling and banging the metal rails with a stick."

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