Breaching whale lands close to dinghy in near disaster; video

Mark Collins was vacationing with family and friends in Exmouth, Western Australia, earlier this month when he nearly captured a tragedy on video while whale watching.

Collins, 49, was filming three whales swimming around a couple of tourist-filled boats when a breaching whale made a surprising airborne appearance:

The breaching whale crashed down dangerously close to a small dinghy with four tourists on board who were hit by spray from the splashdown that also produced a few rough waves.

"We thought, 'Geez, that was a bit close,'" Collins told "You could hear the screams in the background. It was quite a spectacle, but it could have been a disaster."


A breaching whale came dangerously close to a dinghy full of tourists upon landing.

Collins explained to The West Australian that his wife and family friends wanted him to take them all whale watching. They launched from Tantabiddi Boat Ramp and were not very far offshore when they began seeing lots of whales. But they certainly weren't expecting to witness a close encounter.

"It was very spectacular when it happened, but immediately afterwards it dawned on us how close to tragedy it was," Collins told The West Australian.

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