Buried whale remains bubble up to surface like lava; video

A dead whale that washed ashore on a beach in Australia was buried in a nearby sand dunes on Wurtulla Beach in Sunshine Coast, but the whale is resurfacing in an unexpected way.

Checking on the buried whale carcass after work on Monday, Adam Ellis was shocked to discover a sand volcano with blood bubbling up like lava and flowing in rivulets toward the beach.

"I didn't expect to see what I saw," Ellis told the Sunshine Coast Daily.

Now, the Sunshine Coast Council is taking heat for how it handled the whale carcass that washed ashore Sunday, as the locals are concerned that the buried remains will attract sharks to the popular beach, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

The council determined that towing the whale carcass out to sea would likely cause it to break apart and would attract more sharks, and transporting it to a landfill would also probably cause it to break up.

The decision was then made to bury it 3 meters deep and more than 30 meters back from the high-tide mark.

Luke Filippi of the Kawana Boardriders told the Sunshine Coast Daily that the hole might have been 3 meters deep but with 2 meters of whale, it was "at best" covered with only about a meter of sand.

The Windansea Boardriders on Monday launched a petition to have the whale remains removed, which had been done in two similar cases when whale carcasses were buried on beaches at Ballina and Port Macquarie in New South Wales. The petition received more than 4,000 signatures.

"If they or anyone else we know in the surfing fraternity loses their life due to a shark attack, I will be blaming the Sunshine Coast Council unfortunately," local resident Susan Rogers told ABC, referring to her surfing husband and son.

"I was there when the excavator was digging the hole on Sunday. Body fluid from the whale will seep through the sand and into the ocean where people will be swimming and surfing."

The Sunshine Coast Council told ABC it would continue to monitor the situation in the coming days.

UPDATE: The Sunshine Coast Council ruled out removing the whale carcass and its decision was backed by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, the Sunshine Coast Daily reported.

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