Cat fights off attacking coyote outside house in Denver suburb; video

A stray cat was enjoying an early morning meal on the front porch of the Zaffuto family home in Arvada, Colorado, when it very nearly became a meal for a prowling coyote.

The incident was captured at around 12:30 a.m. Monday on a security camera that was directed at the front porch at the Denver suburb house. The footage was shared on Storyful:

Jason Zaffuto told ABC Denver that his family began feeding the stray cat after it showed up at their door one day.

While eating, the cat noticed the approaching coyote and took up a defensive position, arching its back and facing the predator.

When the coyote took a step onto the porch, the cat swiped its paw at the would-be killer, which retreated into the shadows to contemplate its next move.

Then the cat bolted from the porch with the coyote giving chase.

Zaffuto, who was working late, was alerted to the commotion outside by his indoor dog, which was barking. He rushed outside, made a loud noise and scared away the coyote.

Zaffuto told Storyful that he saw the cat later and it appeared to be fine.

Zaffuto has heard packs of coyote howling in the night, but had never seen them near his house.

"Definitely a first for me," he told ABC Denver. "I was just surprised to see one run up to my front door like that."

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