Chase scene involving fox, chicken and teen makes for comedic video

For those who remember Benny Hill, video footage of a chase scene involving a fox, a pet chicken and a teenager is very much reminiscent of the funny clips from the British comedian.

Four closed-circuit television cameras set up on the property of Carl and Tracy Davies in Newbridge, Wales, in the U.K captured the comedic scene in which a fox attempts to catch a chicken before a 15-year-old intervenes.

All that is missing from the YouTube video is the Benny Hill music, though the chosen tune comes close:

Evan Davies was home alone studying for exams when he heard a commotion coming from the driveway. Barefooted and shirtless, Evan ran outside and began chasing the fox.

“I think Evan feared for the bird’s life," Carl told Caters News. "We’ve built an electric fence to stop the foxes, but they’re crafty buggers.

“There were feathers flying everywhere. The way he gave chase to it was bloody hilarious."

Evan Davies joined the chase scene by running after the fox.

The Davies have three domestic chickens that they allow to roam free on the property, which is protected by an electric fence.

"He's a bit of a character that fox," Carl said. "We've encountered him before and basically he's jumped over the electric fence.

“The great thing about the cameras is that you can see the whole drama unfold. When the fox caught the chicken by the table and chairs I thought that was it.

“I came home and saw all the feathers on the drive and asked Evan about it and he explained, and we had a good laugh watching it back.

“The hen is fine and hopefully the fox won’t intrude again."

Yes, the chicken did survive the attack. In fact, it's still laying eggs so, as Carl said, "it's all good."

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