Cougar stares down man in backyard for 45 minutes; expert weighs in

A Vancouver Island man went outside and discovered a disturbing sight. A cougar was sitting in his backyard staring at him. And it stared. While sitting, it stared, and stared while lying down.

"I have no doubt that I was being considered as an early evening snack!" Larry McCafferty wrote on his YouTube post.

CTV News reported that the cougar showed up in McCafferty's backyard in Shirley, British Columbia, near Sooke. The cat kept its eyes on McCafferty for about 45 minutes.

"As soon as I went out the door he was sitting there looking at me… and I had time to go back in and grab the camera!" McCafferty wrote.

He also had time to go back in to fetch his tripod. The cougar remained where it was, staring back at him.

A cougar stared at Larry McCafferty for 45 minutes.

A cougar stared at Larry McCafferty for 45 minutes.

Apparently, the cougar began getting bored staring at Larry.

Apparently, the cougar began getting bored staring at Larry.

"The most frustrating part is that at the end … the memory card filled up!" he wrote. "When it came around the tree it took a couple of steps in my direction and then turned and put the front paws up on the cherry tree and had a look around up there… then came down and took another step or two in my direction… at which point I stepped back into my door!!!

"After that he/she just casually exited the yard just as quietly as he/she had arrived!"

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It is highly doubtful the cougar was considering McCafferty as a snack, however. Sgt. Ben York, a BC Conservation officer, told CTV News that a cougar on the hunt wouldn't allow itself to be seen by its prey.

No, York had a simple explanation. It was just being a cat.

"Cougars behave the same way that housecats do, so when you look at your housecat lying around and being curious, it's not thinking about eating you," York said. "This animal is just hanging in a backyard because nothing bad is happening to it."

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