Crocodile steals GoPro camera, doesn’t let go

Crocodile steals GoPro

Crocodile with a GoPro camera in its jaws. Photo is a screen grab from the Barcroft TV video

Wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum was attempting to get underwater footage of a crocodile in the Okavango Delta in Botswana when a crocodile appeared out of nowhere, seemingly with an appetite for a GoPro camera.

As you will see, the crocodile plucked the camera off an extended pole holder as if it were an appetizer and then wouldn't let go. Nachoum filmed the encounter with another camera, as shown in this Barcroft TV report:

As Nachoum explained, visibility was limited in the waters of the Okavango Delta as he and another diver searched for a crocodile. Suddenly, one appears out of the darkness between the divers and hits the side of the bank.

After disappearing in a cloud it caused with its tale, the crocodile reappears and "totally by mistake" bumps into the GoPro camera of the other diver.

Nachoum explained that the crocodile's sensor is along its jaws so as soon as anything touches it—like a GoPro camera—it automatically snaps.

Crocodile steals GoPro

The moment a crocodile snatches a GoPro camera. Photo is a screen grab from Barcroft TV’s video

"We did not get the camera back," Nachoum tells Barcroft TV. "Unfortunately the camera got stuck between the teeth."

They tried for 15 minutes to dislodge the GoPro camera before the crocodile returned to its den.

"Hopefully somebody will find it sometime later and will bring us the pictures," Nachoum said.

That footage would no doubt be quite interesting.

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