‘Most dangerous mammal in Africa’ charges car in Kruger National Park; video

The hippo is widely considered the "most dangerous mammal in Africa" because of its very aggressive behavior and penchant for attacking humans without provocation whether they're in boats or on land.

One unidentified couple on safari in Kruger National Park in South Africa found this out first-hand when they were confronted by a hippo that apparently was not happy to see them:

One can almost sense the woman at the open window bracing for impact, and being surprised when there wasn't any.

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The Kruger National Park YouTube channel explained that hippos can become quite stressed and more aggressive in times of drought when they seek their main food source—short grasses—far from the comfort of water where they spend most of their time.

"They will attack anything standing in their way to the safety of the water, which is either a river or dam," the Kruger National Park YouTube channel wrote. "This hippo quickly became agitated with two tourists. As they positioned themselves for a better photograph—hippos are rarely seen this close outside of the water—the hippo decided to attack their car."

Fortunately for the couple, the hippo decided at the last second simply to charge their car. If it had actually attacked, the result would not have been pretty.

"They are remarkably fast and with powerful jaws can easily open up a car’s protective metal ‘like a can of beans,’" the Kruger National Park YouTube channel wrote. "The tourists stayed calm under this extraordinary circumstances and got the sighting of a lifetime."

h/t Times Live in South Africa