Deer struck by vehicle apparently seeks revenge and attacks driver, video

A woman feared for her life after a deer she struck with her vehicle apparently sought revenge and attacked her when she stopped and opened the door to see what happened.

The entire encounter on a road in New Jersey was caught on the dash camera of Howell police Patrolman Nicholas Austin, who was incredulous over what he saw.

Austin was driving behind the GMC Envoy being driven Ellen Sager on Oak Glen Road around 8 p.m. on Sept. 17 when he spotted a deer several hundred feet in front of him, according to

Unsure if the driver ahead hit the deer, Austin pulled over behind Sager to assist.

As Sager opened her door, the deer suddenly reappeared and attacked her.

"It was mad, real mad," Sager told News 12. "It happened so fast. I just grabbed a handful of antlers and tried to keep it from killing me, basically."

Then Sager managed to kick the deer out of the vehicle and to the ground, and quickly closed the door, which is where the video ends.

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"I've never seen anything quite like this, and I'm glad that I did see it because if I didn't I probably never would have believed that it ever happened," Austin told News 12.

Sager suffered a minor injury to her knee in the bizarre incident. The deer wasn't as fortunate, dying as a result of its injuries from behind struck by the vehicle. But clearly it went down fighting.

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