Distance runner did wrong thing when confronted by bears … He ran

Wildlife experts say you can't outrun a bear so they advise you to stand your ground, yell and scream, and wave your arms. But a distance runner from Kenya did none of those things when confronted by two black bears while on a training run in Maine.

Moninda Marube, a professional runner, was running along Whitman Spring Road Trail in Auburn early Wednesday morning when two black bears appeared on the trail ahead of him. WCSH has the story:

Instinct took hold of Marube when he saw the bears.

"They stopped, looked at me, I stopped immediately and looked at them," he told WCSH. "So I had to make a decision within five seconds."

He took off running.

"Sadly, that was not a good option," he told WCSH.

The bears, as is their instinct, took off running after him.

According to the Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal, Marube ran screaming toward a nearby house about 20 yards away and managed to slip inside the screened-in porch.

The bears followed him to the screen door and sniffed him through the screen. They could have easily torn through the screen. Instead, they wandered around outside for about 10 minutes before running off into the woods.

"I cannot say it's my feet that saved me, it's God that saved me," Marube told WCSH.

Wildlife biologist Cory Stearns of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife reiterated to WCSH what Marube should have done.

"He should have stood his ground, yelled and screamed, and acted big and loud and scary," he said. "In all likelihood, the bears would have run away."

Marube trains on the same trail every other day and said he'd continue running there. But he told the Sun Journal he plans to carry pepper spray.

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