Diver inside cage with great white shark tells how he survived, faced other sharks

The cage diver in the terrifying video showing a great white shark breaking into his cage off Guadalupe Island in Mexico detailed how he managed to escape unscathed and talked about the other two great white sharks he had to worry about during the harrowing ordeal earlier this month.

Chan Ming, 51, an advertising executive in Shanghai, was on a five-day trip for cage diving out of Ensenada. At the time of the incident, Ming was the only diver in the cage as two others had gotten out two minutes before.

Ming told the New York Times he didn't have time to take photos of the encounter and couldn't see what was happening because of the thrashing shark inside the rattling cage.

"Honestly, at that moment I don't have time to get afraid," he told the Times in broken English. "Because the shark is coming, a very sharp moment, two seconds."

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In an interview with 9 News in Australia, Ming said the dive masters knew he was in the cage, "but they have no idea what's happening underwater."

Ming said he actually felt himself outside the cage. The Sydney Morning Herald reported he had slipped out of the bottom of the cage.

"What will I do next?" Ming thought.

"At the same time, there are two sharks below me around maybe four to five meters [long]," Ming told 9 News. "So when I see inside the cage and there is nothing inside there, so I crawl back to the cage and crawl back up to the surface."

Much to the relief of the dive masters and those watching from above, Ming surfaced through the top opening and was helped out. He was uninjured.

"I almost got a heart attack," he can be heard saying in the video. "I'm still alive."

With three more days of diving remaining, Ming didn't hesitate to return to the cage. He told the Times he was back in the water "the next day," adding, "I felt so lucky. Why would I be scared?"

Ming also told 9 News that if he has the chance to go cage diving with great white sharks again, "I will go again."

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