Diver swims into massive baitball being fed on by 200 sharks; video

As a commercial diver and owner of an underwater production company, Andre Rerekura has witnessed plenty of unique underwater sights, but the one he saw Monday stood apart from all the rest.

Noticing birds feeding about a quarter mile offshore in Coral Bay in Western Australia, Rerekura put a drone into the air to check out what they were feeding on only to discover there were "sharks everywhere" feeding on a massive baitball.

Naturally, Rerekura felt compelled to jump into the water as his colleague Ryan Chatfield filmed him underwater. Through their company, Terra Australis, they produced this short video:

"It was pretty mesmerizing," Rerekura told The West Australian. "It was a little bit daunting when you couldn't see much, but it felt pretty safe.

"We noticed the sharks weren't really curious about us at all, they were probably more scared of us."

More from The West Australian:

The sharks were mainly bronze whalers and sandbar whalers.

"There were a couple of big bull sharks and a couple of really big whalers, probably around 10 foot," Mr. Rerekura said.

"Some of those were a bit curious, but most of the time it was just mesmerizing and beautiful.

"There were a few times when we were surrounded by sharks so you're kind of looking over your shoulder, but they weren't really paying much attention to us."

Chatfield told the newspaper the sharks still could have done damage had they wanted.

"It's a calculated risk and he spends a lot of time in the water with sharks learning their behavior," Chatfield told The West Australian. "He's an experienced filmmaker, but it's always a risk, there's never a guarantee."

Rerekura told the news outlet that during his four or five hours in the baitball he learned that the sharks move relatively slowly and smoothly as they corral the baitfish before charging to the surface for a mouthful. All do it at the same time, working as a team.

"I haven't seen anything like this in my life," he said in the video.

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