A dozen Asiatic lions stop traffic on busy highway in India; video

A pride of Asiatic lions gave motorists in India the rare opportunity to view wildlife in the city, specifically in the district of Amreli in the state of Guajarat.

The dozen or so lions stopped traffic on one side of the Pipavav-Rajula highway and waited around 15 minutes for the traffic to stop on the other side before cautiously parading across, as reported by the International Business Times of India and NDTV.

ANI News posted video of the unusual sight that occurred Saturday night:

Most of the lions made it safely across the highway, but one hesitated when a man approached with his cellphone recording the scene on video. That lion retreated back from where the pride had come from.

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The IBT and The Times of India explained that a 2016 fire in Junasavar village of Liliya Taluka near the Gir Sanctuary has forced lions to move from one part of the forest to another, leaving them vulnerable to poaching and getting run over in traffic.

The International Union of Conservation of Nature reports that the lion population outside the protected area of Gir Sanctuary has increased by 400 percent.