Elephant cleverly uses its trunk in clash with rhinos over food; video

An elephant in the Limpopo province of South Africa was captured in video cleverly using its trunk to take an aggressive approach in a confrontation with three rhinos over a pile of grass.

At first, the elephant charged the rhinos, but then resorted to throwing a stick and dirt at them with its trunk in the dispute over the food source.

Suzanne Boswell, who works with VETPAWS in Limpopo, shot video of the conflict and posted it with Caters News:

"It was very unusual for rhinos and elephants to fight over food as elephants don't usually eat grass, but it much have been due to the massive drought," Boswell told Caters News.

Actually, elephants are known to eat small plants, bushes, fruit, twigs, tree bark, and, yes, even grass. Rhinos have a relatively similar diet.

The elephant was victorious in scaring away the rhinos from the grass.

"The elephant was being cheeky," Boswell continued. "He must have smelled it as he came charging through the trees straight towards the grass on the ground.

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"With wildlife you can never predict how animals are going to behave. Elephants are the bigger more aggressive animals than rhinos and they usually get what they want."

That was the case in this instance, as the elephant scared the rhinos away from the grass. Otherwise it could’ve gotten real ugly.