Elephant prompts safari guide to warn tourists to ‘stay very still’; video

What do you do when the world's largest land mammal approaches your open-air safari vehicle with its massive 7-ton frame and protruding tusks? You do as your safari guide tells you to do.

That's exactly what an unidentified woman on safari in Kruger National Park did when a curious bull elephant approached the safari tour at the famous game reserve in South Africa.

"A little bit scary," the guide said. "Stay very still, all right?"

And in that tense moment, she and the others followed the instructions:

The elephant scraped its tusks along the canvas side before moving toward the rear of the vehicle as the woman did her best to remain as still as possible, as did the other tourists.

The elephant departed with its tail banging the rail of the vehicle.

The unidentified video-taker explained the circumstances of the video to Kruger National Park:

"We had been parked for about 10 minutes on the same place because there were elephants blocking the road. We didn’t do anything to catch the elephant’s attention. He simply walked towards the vehicle and brushed/lifted it as you saw on the video.

A massive bull elephant approached a safari tour at Kruger National Park.

"Nothing specifically happened before or after besides what I showed in the video. I guess he just wanted to show us who was boss."

As the elephant returned to the herd, the safari tour safely moved on.

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