Elk proves smarter than cattle as it adroitly avoids dangerous obstacle; video

Tourists were stopped on a road in the National Bison Range of Western Montana as they watched a huge elk attempting to cross from one parcel of land to another.

The only thing in its way was a cattle guard, a dangerous obstacle designed to discourage cattle from moving from one area of land to another. The metal grid of bars prevents cattle from safely crossing.

But for this elk in the wildlife refuge, it was a piece of cake:

The elk bypassed the hazardous part of the cattle guard and went to the side of the road where, according to the video description, "the huge elk delicately tiptoes through the gaps in the guard's [framework], navigating its way through without a hitch before bounding into the green field ahead."

"Elk are inherently intelligent creatures, so I won't be surprised to see others follow in this one's footsteps," Chad Carmen of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation told Caters News. "It's always incredible to see this creature exhibiting such clever behavior.

"With more than one million acres of land, we are always blessed with interesting encounters such as this one."

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