Enraged elephant shatters window on tourists’ vehicle during African safari

An enraged elephant at the Kruger National Park in South Africa terrorized some German tourists when it approached their vehicle and shattered a window with its tusk. Nobody was injured during the African safari, but as you can see in Barcroft TV's report, it was a very scary moment. Watch:

Things started out fine for the tourists, who are allowed to drive on the reserve without a safari guide. First, they encountered a group of elephants crossing the roadway.

"This is so cool," one tourist said. "They are so cute.”

Suddenly, two male elephants began fighting off to the side of the road. Inexplicably, the battle broke up and one elephant aggressively approached the vehicle, perhaps upset about the intrusion.

"Go away, go away," one tourist said, rolling up the window.

The five-ton elephant took one swing with its trunk and caught the window with its tusk, leaving the window in shards.

"Drive, drive, drive," a man said.

The tourists managed to drive away without further incident, and they were actually able to laugh about it.

"I think we lost our deposit," one quipped.

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elephant 1

elephant shatters glass

Hat tip to The Sun.