Escaped leopard kills 9-year-old girl carrying baby brother, sparks unrest; video

A 9-year-old girl carrying her baby sister was walking home in a village south of Cairo, Egypt, on Sunday when a leopard attacked the girl, causing fatal wounds to her neck, according to The Telegraph.

Several days before the attack, the leopard had escaped from a wildlife farm and had been seen prowling the edges of the village of Kafr Hamid in the Giza district.

According to Al Arabiya (as translated by Google Translate), villagers snatched up the baby and scared the leopard away. The victim, identified as Amany Mohamed Fadeel, died on the way to the hospital. The infant was unharmed.

A police marksman eventually hunted down and killed the leopard, prompting an unusual celebration with young kids cheering and posing for photos with the animal's corpse, as seen in a YouTube video posted by a local (warning for disturbing content):

After the killing, a mob of villagers attempted to raid the farm and kill all the remaining animals but were prevented from doing so by police.

Mohamed Masoud told Al Arabiya that the owner of the wildlife farm violated conditions of an official license to breed pets by instead breeding predators with the intention of selling them to zoos.

Masoud also said that the village has lived in danger since the creation of the farm 10 years ago amid the threat of revenge from the owner if any citizen objected to the farm’s presence in the village.

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The owner was arrested and faces charges of causing the murder of a child and possession of a farm for breeding predators without a license.

The Telegraph reported that the owner reportedly claimed the girl had walked onto his property and was killed when encountering the leopard.

It wasn't the first time wild animals had escaped from the farm. Last year a hyena and tiger got loose but were recaptured without incident.

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