Fisherman beats long odds again with second rare blue lobster


The odds of catching a blue lobster are said to be 1 in 2 million, and if it's akin to winning the lottery for fishermen, as some suggest, then lobster fisherman Wayne Nickerson hit the jackpot. Again.

Nickerson, who has been a commercial lobster fisherman in Plymouth, Massachusetts, for 35 years, caught a rare blue lobster decades ago, according to the Associated Press.

On Monday, the owner and captain of FV Windsong caught another.

"Wayne spotted it in the pot before he broke it over the rail, he let out a loud exclamation … and the guys working for him thought something was wrong," Nickerson's wife, Jan, told Wicked Local Plymouth. "They were all in awe, this one is the brightest blue.

"I said, 'Wow, if the odds are right does this mean you have caught 4 million lobsters?"

ABC News cited the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine for the estimated odds of catching a blue lobster, adding that the unusual coloring "comes from an excessive amount of a particular protein produced by a genetic defect."

The first blue lobster Nickerson caught went on display for quite a while at The Lobster Pound, a retail lobster outlet.

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The latest blue lobster, nicknamed Bleu, is being held in a holding tank at a lobster wholesaler until a home can be found where it can be put on public display.

"We want people to be able to see him," Jan told ABC News.

They are hopeful the New England Aquarium will take Bleu.

Tony LaCrosse, an aquarium spokesman, told AP they might be interested if they have space, calling the brilliant blue lobster "just spectacular."

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