Four Asian black bears attempt to get into tourists’ car at wildlife park; video

A video shot by tourists at a wildlife park in China is only nine seconds but long enough to capture the frightening encounter other tourists experienced with four Asian black bears trying to get into their vehicle.

Asian black bears are the most bipedal of all bears, that is, they walk upright on two legs like humans. The video shows three of the bears standing upright with one shaking the car and trying to open the door.

The Daily Mail reported that the incident occurred at the Chongqing Safari Park in southern China. But the site it references, Apple Daily, reported it to be the Chongqing Wildlife Park in Yongchuan where tourists can drive their vehicles among the animals. It's believed to be one in the same.

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One tourist website about Chongqing's Wildlife Parks suggests that tourists "enter at your own risk," and this footage seems to show you why.

The Daily Mail reported that the video was first posted on Sept. 27 on a video-sharing platform in China that attracted 3 million viewers in the first two days.

"A member of the customer service staff at the Chongqing Safari Park denied that the incident had happened on the site," the Daily Mail wrote.

"The employee said that the park had not received any complaints from visitors regarding being attacked by black bears."

Though perhaps that was because nobody was injured in the encounter.

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