Why is this fisherman laughing so hard?

A fisherman relaxing on a couch in the living area of a fishing vessel in high seas suddenly found himself rolling over the couch and table, and flipping over a fellow fisherman sitting on the other side of the couch, much to the delight of Kassidy, who shot the video while bracing himself in a doorway.

In fact, it is Kassidy's infectious laugh while the fisherman in the yellow hoodie gets tossed about, along with his buddy, that really makes this video complete. It's definitely belly laugh material. Take a look (the action begins at :19 after the set-up):

Based on previous posts, we presume Kassidy is based out of the village of Batsfjord, Norway, and is a fisherman on the Barents Sea in the Arctic Ocean. The Barents Sea is located north of Norway and Russia, countries highly dependent on the fisheries of the region, particularly the cod fisheries.

The Barents Sea is known for severely rough seas, so it wouldn't be unusual to see crew members tossed around like rag dolls in the living area of a fishing vessel.

We just aren't usually privy to seeing such sidesplitting escapades. Until now.

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