Golfer stops to test ‘National Geographic skills’ as alligator feasts; videos

David Mack, the director of group sales for the Miami Dolphins, was golfing with his father at Sandhill Crane Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida on Saturday when they came across an alligator feeding on a big fish at the side of a water hazard.

Mack stopped to take video of the massive reptile sinking its teeth into what looks to be a carp, though his father didn't sound like he wanted to stick around long:

In the video you can hear, Mack's father say, "Get your picture and get out of here, David."

"Dad was not impressed with my National Geographic skills," Mack wrote on Instagram.

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Mack later explained to Jukin Media how the incident unfolded: "I was about to tee off and saw the gator in the water below us. Thirty seconds later, I heard a huge splash and saw the gator snatch the fish and brought him up on land. I immediately pulled out my camera and started filming."

And his father immediately became a bit uncomfortable.

h/t WPLG