Golfers encounter bear, and things don’t go well; video

A bear walked onto the green of the eighth hole on Moose Run Creek Golf Course outside Anchorage, Alaska, and appeared ready to tend the flagstick for two golfers.

"Hey, hey, hey," one of the golfers said, prompting the bear to retreat and walk off the green. But when the bear caught a whiff of food, it went to investigate.

Gary Cox captured the moment on video:

Despite the efforts by Cox and his friend to scare it away—even throwing a golf ball at it—the bear snatched something from a golf caddy pull cart and went on his way.

Was it a wrapped sandwich or beverage of some sort? It was hard to tell and Cox never told Storyful or mentioned it on his Facebook post.

The bear snatched something from the golf caddy pull cart as one golfer threw a ball at it.

Cox did say that the bear "crossed behind us in a dead run, then followed us up along the tree line. The bear was never even bothered by us and followed us 100 yards to the next hole."

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The course is located on the grounds of the joint U.S. Army and Air Force bases of Elmendorf and Fort Richardson, which is surrounded by wilderness. Or in other words, bear country.