Fishermen luckily escape great white

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A small fishing boat near Newcastle, Australia, had a frightening encounter with a 15-foot great white shark over the weekend. The incident comes after Newcastle City Council had closed their beaches for six days as a result of other great white shark sightings in the area. Tim Watson and Allan de Sylva were fishing off Blacksmiths Beach, located about 20 miles to the south of Newcastle, when the shark began circling their boat.

"It felt like getting trapped in a room with an angry pit bull," de Sylva told the Newcastle Herald. "It wouldn't leave us alone. You almost wanted to stop and admire it, but it was being pretty aggressive. It was as big as a wagon car—that's what it felt like looking at it."

The boat is 12 feet long and the fisherman described the shark as being substantially bigger than the boat. "If you watch the video closely the boat rocks a solid two to three foot to the edge. If it had hit it much harder the boat would have taken in a bit of water," a shaken Watson said afterwards. After Watson stopped filming he said he tried to pull start the engine to get away—but the shark started to head butt it. "I started to pull and it came right underneath and head butted the engine and tried to open its mouth," he said.

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