Hammerhead shark chomps down on camera

hammerhead shark

Image of hammerhead shark is a screen shot

Stunning footage was captured last week of a 14-foot hammerhead shark swimming up to a wildlife photographer's camera and revealing rows of razor-sharp teeth before chomping down on the camera. The shark quickly realized the metal appetizer wasn't for consumption and casually swam off. Barcroft TV has the striking video:

Amos Nachoum, 63, of Pacific Grove, California, is an award-winning wildlife photographer who leads worldwide excursions via BigAnimal Expeditions. During this dive, as many as four peaceful hammerhead sharks surrounded the divers.

Nachoum, currently in India searching for snow leopards, told GrindTV in an email that his camera was mounted at the end of a 6-foot pole that was held by fellow diver Martin Volavsky, who was never in danger despite the scary-looking footage.

Nachoum, who has led National Geographic expeditions, is on a crusade to change people's negative views about sharks and promote conservation of a species many misinformed people want to eliminate. He made the video available to Barcroft TV in hopes of bringing attention to the plight of sharks.

While most people wouldn't think of touching a shark with a 10-foot pole, the diver here obviously was comfortable using a 6-foot pole, though his intent wasn't to touch the shark.

"When the shark came to bite my camera I thought, 'Do it,'" Nachoum told Mail Online. "I was very excited. From my experience, I knew that as soon as the shark sensed the hard metal on the camera it would let it go. It was not used to it. Its animal instinct is to bite on the flesh of a fish, not on hard metal.

"It's an awesome feeling to be able to dive peacefully with animals that have such an undeserved 'bad' reputation."

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