Horror scene unfolds as dozens of bald eagles swarm truck

In the bald eagle version of Stephen King's horror novel/movie "Cujo," about a rabid dog that traps a mother and son in a car, a swarm of bald eagles keeps a driver out of his truck in a real-life horror scene in the parking lot of a Safeway.

As you can see by the video above, dozens of bald eagles gathered in and around the bed of a pickup truck that gave the truck driver and the driver of a nearby car quite a fright in Unalaska, Alaska, last week.

The eagles were feasting on garbage bags of fish product in the bed of the pickup, according to a report by KUCB in Unalaska. Several people called police.


Photo from YouTube screengrab

"One of our officers went over there, and there were 40 eagles sitting on, in, and around several vehicles in the area," public safety director Jamie Sunderland told KUCB.

Sunderland contacted the truck owner, who confirmed there were fillets or fish scraps in the truck and they were trying to get rid of them. Apparently, the truck driver also had a passenger.

"But there were so many eagles that they were, I think, somewhat alarmed to go near the vehicle because it was just being swarmed by eagles," Sunderland added.

Jessica Earnshaw was afraid to get into her car that was parked next to the truck. She attempted to scare the eagles away by turning her car alarm on, but that didn't work.

Finally, police officer Bill Simms arrived on the scene. He told the drivers to get their keys ready and "when I shoo them away, run into your cars."

So, Simms put on his sirens and also physically shooed the eagles away, allowing the drivers and passenger to get into their vehicles and drive away.

What eventually happened to the truck driver and his passenger remains unclear. Hopefully, they didn’t end up having an Alfred Hitchcock moment like in “The Birds.”